Exploring Crete: Archaeology,Nature&Food
Peter Sommer Travels is proud to present this brand new itinerary for a spectacular land tour of the legendary island of Crete. Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and its hi- storical significance is second to none, ranging from Stone Age seafarers and Neolithic farmers to the mysterious and fascinating Bronze Age civilisation of the Minoans. The i- sland's renowned Classical cities and the rich remains of the Roman, Byzantine, Veneti- an and Ottoman cultures, lead us right through to its turbulent 20th century history.

As well as its historical and archaeological riches, the island is a place of extraordinary natural beauty and diversity. Its inhabitants are fiercely proud of their homeland and ma- intain its many traditions, including the fabled Cretan hospitality. As a result of its varied nature and past, Crete also boasts one of the most refined variations of Greek cuisine.

Our Exploring Crete tour is the ideal opportunity to experience this fascinating island to the full. You will visit its most important ancient sites, including the famous prehistoric M- inoan palaces, but also veer off the beaten track to explore many of Crete's hidden gems.

To take full advantage of the island's extraordinary beauty and its unique wealth in spring flowers, our tour of Crete includes a series of easy walks, bringing you into direct contact with its coasts, mountains, gorges and fertile plains, as well as its historical villages and towns.

Our Cretan tour is complemented by excellent meals in carefully selected restaurants and tavernas, as well as wine tastings from regional vineyards. At night, you will be staying in beautiful surroundings, ranging from elegant Venetian palazzos to traditional inns and a- griturismos in serene mountain villages.

Heinrich, your tour guide, has spent well over a decade excavating, surveying, research- ing and travelling around Crete and is a passionate connoisseur not only of its archaeol- ogy, but also of its landscapes, people, traditions and products. His in-depth knowledge will be your shortcut to a superb experience of one of Europe's most celebrated destina- tions.

If you have never visited Crete, here's the perfect way to explore this wonderful and fas- cinating Greek Island; if you have been before, we are sure you will see it afresh and fr- om a completely different perspective in the company of an archaeologist and fluent Gr- eek speaker who knows the island intimately.

Exploring Crete: Archaeology,
Nature & Food

Tues Apr 16 – Sat Apr 27, 2013
£2,735 per person
Sing supp £360
Tour Guide: Heinrich Hall
Maximum 16 guests

Tour Price includes:
Full board accomm (except one dinner)
Airport transfers on firstand last day of tour
Entrance fees & tips on land Cu- ltural excursions